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Addiction Counselling

AddictionAddiction is an insidious ruthless disease that has affected everyone everywhere at some point in their lives, be it a loved one or relative or friend, most people know someone who has suffered and have been affected by it themselves.

Addiction comes in different shapes and sizes, and the underlying issues are all the same, however the outward symptoms come in so many shapes and sizes, some socially acceptable, some deemed as everyday life, some totally outrageous, shaming and carrying fatal and liberty losing consequences, however the underlying issue is still the same. Whatever the problem, get in touch and we can help, we have over 20 years of experience in working with recovery from all addictions.

Every Psychotherapist or counsellor is not the same they all bring an element of their own background into the room, we offer you an empathic understanding and safe environment to explore your addiction.

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction ravages the lives of families, friends and the addict, usually a trail of devastation is left behind with the addict often losing their liberty and the families left devastated, however what most people don’t realise is that the drug is the symptom not the problem. People are so focussed on how to ‘just stop’ the drugs the don’t realise that this isn’t even the problem! While it is imperative to stop using, the addict will only ever stop when they want to, and no amount of anyone else pushing will make much difference.

So how is the little old lady scoring pills from the doctor any different of a drug addict? do you think that your body knows the difference between street heroin or co-codamol? NO!! its the same, the problem is the same the symptom is slightly different, the dysfunctional behaviour is slightly different too, there’s more likely to be manipulation and a frantic effort to appear ‘normal’ while under the surface a mad panic to get the pills that fix your feelings is going on.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders come in many shapes and sizes also, but again the underlying problem is the same, the food is but a symptom, as you may have seen or heard, eating disorders kill people and should be taken seriously!

The different types of eating disorders are:

While again the outward behaviour is often covering the same underlying symptom, they all have slight differences in their presentation, however the treatment will be somewhat similar from a psychological point of view, the physical part of the recovery will be slightly different, some people become massively overweight, some dangerously underweight, eating disorders can carry a lot of shame because of the ridicule people who suffer from them shame others in order to stay in denial “It’s only food, get a grip” so on..a lot of people suffer in silence for this reason, if your suffering, we want you to know that, there is help, you are not alone.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction is by no means any lesser of an addiction. Although the people may have different morals, values, and behaviours the problem is still the underlying inability to deal with feelings in a productive way, and gambling being addictive in nature, the good feeling of winning, or the delusion of ‘next time’ will be the big one, keeps people in the game for a long time. People stuck in the gambling loop will engage in some insane financial behaviours from re-mortgaging their house right down to stealing from their partners purse or wallet! If your suffering with a gambling problem, not sure if your an addict, or just want to look at things a little more, feel free to get in contact for a no obligation chat.

Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction can be broken down into many different areas, people who are suffering from this addiction can present many different ways, and there maybe some drug of choice so to speak. Whether your pestering your partner more than you would like to on a daily basis or visiting brothels, watching porn or having one night stands sex addiction is the same fundamental inability to cope with life and or feelings in a functional way. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, however its a learned behaviour that has been picked up over time, usually from childhood that we can look at together. Sex addiction can have potentially fatal consequences if you follow it down the line to STD’s, HIV, Hepatitis these can be potentially life changing. Feel free to get in touch with us for an understanding chat.

Exercise Addiction

Exercise addiction is always justified socially as a ‘healthy addiction’ its quite ironic because there really are no healthy addictions, usually the people hoping for an exercise addiction are people with an eating disorder, and they usually go hand in hand. From one addiction to another and that is quite common across all addictions, people overeat and are focussed on body size, shape, so they then under eat and often obsess over exercise. So while outwardly the symptom of the problem may well seem like it’s a healthier option than smoking crack cocaine, the underlying issues are the same and this killer problem drives people to the point of heart attacks, malnutrition and other health problems in much the same way. We treat exercise addiction in a similar way, a good therapist would not force you to stop, nor ask you to commit to stopping, they would work with you to address and look at what it is that your struggling with in your life and look at your learned coping mechanisms for dealing with feelings. If you want to chat to someone confidentially who totally understands, give us a call.

Relationship Addiction

Relationship Addiction presents itself in many ways, usually the addict will look obsessively for the ‘perfect’ relationship always finding fault and no one ever really being good enough. Or get involved with someone and then constantly really feel that this person is not good enough, and be unable to be faithful, or stay monogamous within the relationship. Lots of people do not understand themselves and how they behave within relationships, its quite common and addiction to relationships is also common, as per any other addiction its a way of coping with feelings that has been learned throughout life. We can help you explore your addiction and look at ways of becoming more present in your daily life and feeling fulfilled with what you have got, rather than looking externally with the belief that someone else can make you feel better. Get in touch for a free no obligation chat if your interested in learning about yourself.

Spending Addiction

Shopping addiction, spending addiction, compulsive spending, they are all very similar ways of making yourself feel better with something external that can become detrimental to your financial status, peace of mind or life in general. Focussing on getting that special something, that one thing that you REALLY need! most people dont get it, but when you have that desire, that’s overwhelming and cannot be satisfied with anything else other than that ****** whatever it is, it really is just too powerful to ‘just stop’. Compulsive spending comes as a way of avoiding life, reality, uncomfortable feelings or even just as a learned coping mechanism, not all feelings are conscious, most of this is going on subconsciously. A good therapist can help you look at your behaviour in reality and find what is driving your addiction. Help you identify new coping skills and find a new way to live, feel free to give us a call for a confidential chat.