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Adolescent Problems

Being an adolescent is hard. We’ve all been there. Your body is changing, you have peer pressure to contend with, the expectations placed on you have increased, and you have to start thinking about your future. It is a scary time with a multitude of things to worry about.

When you are young it can seem like the whole world is on your shoulders and no one, especially your parents, know what you are going through. The challenges that you have are unique to you and deserve specialised help. A counsellor or psychotherapist can help you deal with your issues in a positive manner. They can help you learn to talk about your problems with confidence and develop appropriate coping strategies to deal with them in a healthy way.

Common Adolescent Struggles

As a teenager, you face many of the same struggles as your parents, as well as struggles that are unique to your age group. Counsellors and psychotherapists can provide the objective support that you need to get through difficult times.

You may struggle with:

  • Anxiety & fear
  • Body image & self-esteem
  • Drugs & alcohol
  • Family issues
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Grief and loss
  • Loneliness
  • Learning difficulties/disabilities
  • Mental health issues
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviour
  • Online bullying
  • Partying & drug abuse
  • Peer pressure
  • Pressure from exams
  • Relationship problems
  • Sadness & depression
  • School issues & expulsion
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Teenage sexuality
  • Violence, abuse & trauma

If you find yourself struggling with any of these issues or other areas of your life, it may be time to ask for help.

What can I get out of Professional Counselling or Psychotherapy?

It is best to think of counselling/psychotherapy as a team effort. It can be difficult for anyone to open up to someone about their feelings and problems, but the third party nature of counselling can provide anonymity to make it easier. When seeing a therapist, you have the benefit of a completely safe and confidential environment to share anything that you struggle with. This can range from mental health issues, to issues with peers and from body image issues to struggles with past or present upset.

Counselling/Psychotherapy provides emotional support when you need it the most. Your counsellor can help you to learn safe and appropriate ways to resolve conflict with others, and within yourself. They can help you process your emotions and learn appropriate ways to cope with them. Counselling can help you identify strategies to cope with struggles with your peers. It can also help you to navigate through the many changes you will experience as you face new life situations.

I am a parent/care giver to a struggling teenager, how can I help?

One of the most important resources any individual facing difficulties can have is the support of their family and friends, so the fact that you are looking to help is a great step already. Resources may also be available through your child’s school or church.

Counselling/psychotherapy can be a great resource for your struggling teenager; however, other options may be available as well. Depending on the struggles your teenager is facing, they may have the option of participating in a support group. Often these support groups are focused on a specific set of struggles (e.g. anger management, depression, teenager pregnancy, alcoholism, etc). Support groups are also available for teenagers coping with an addiction or a trauma. For instance, teenagers struggling with an addiction might benefit from attending mutual aid groups. These support groups may be beneficial on their own or in conjunction with individual counselling support. The most important thing to remember is, no matter how much you disagree with what is going on, or think you know best, all you can do is alienate someone by trying to push them into what you think is best. Give gentle guidance, understanding and compassion while listening, without this, you will get some adapted version of the truth or the cold shoulder. Contact us if you require help.