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10 Ways to Pick Yourself Up When You’re Feeling Down

Let’s admit it; most of us have nights when all we want to do is sob into a pillow while “Everybody Hurts” by REM blares from the sound system. And most of us have mornings when we wake up, stare at the ceiling, and feel listless and bored and generally done with the world before the […]

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Stuck in a hamster wheel?

Put Some Life in Your Life Brazenly, your alarm rings. Gym, shower, breakfast, work; and then in the evening you do a couple of chores, maybe spend a little time with your family or friends, and catch a sitcom before you drop into bed. The next day, the routine repeats itself, interspersed with fleeting weekend […]

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How do you see the world?

How we see the world depends on how we have experienced life, who we are inside, everyone has a different perspective and its a great asset to learn that other peoples view of the world can be different to ours, and its ok, we’re all ok even if we don’t agree. So imagine, everything you […]

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How do you get self-worth?

Self worth comes from within, not anything external. You will usually find that people that are outwardly showing of their worth, are inwardly feeling less than others. This is part of the problem, people who suffer with low self worth sometimes need to qualify themselves with others by showing off or talking about what they […]

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You make yourself unhappy!?

So you think everyone around you needs to change, they are all presenting with unacceptable behaviour? they should all change to suit you and make you happy? You really have got to the point where there is no point going out anymore because your so sick and tired of people, taking advantage, speaking to you […]

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Celebrities with Mental Illness

Stigma Not Needed According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem at some time or other. With a total population of 63,182,000 in 2011, that means that approximately 15.8 million people in the UK will suffer from a mental health problem each year. Being […]

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