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Have you ever felt like you’ve run right into a wall?

Perhaps you’re trying to succeed in your career, yet lately there have been obstacles getting in your way wherever you turn. Maybe you’re attempting to establish meaningful relationships, but something seems to be getting in between you and your friends, family, or significant other. Or possibly you’re searching for a new level of emotional healthiness; however, there is a blockage that you can’t get past.

When we feel like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, it’s easy to blame something else for our trouble. Our first instinct is to point to our circumstances, or to other people, as the culprit. “It’s because they refuse to recognize my work that I can’t get a promotion,” we think, or “things are just difficult in my field right now.” In the matter of relationships, we say “I just don’t have the time and energy to invest right now,” or “I can’t seem to find the right person…I don’t connect with these types of people.” When we are emotionally unhealthy, we might comment, “well, things have been pretty rough for me lately,” or “some events of my past make it impossible for me to be healthy now.”
Sometimes, these ideas are true. After all, there are many outside pressures that can keep us stuck in a rut.
But sometimes, the barriers that we think are around us and holding us back are actually illusions. There are no barriers, except for the artificial barriers we have constructed within ourselves.
Any of us can get in our own way by allowing misbeliefs, fear, anger, or low self-esteem to cloud our vision and influence our decisions. It’s possible that we can be completely unaware of our own internal blocks.

We can work away to tear down obstacles that we think are external. However, if our real problem is an internal one, no amount of that type of effort will make a difference.

Instead, we need to focus our attention on the heart of the matter, our own emotional and mental health. If we spend time working to understand what drives us, what we value, and what is holding us back, we will find the key to breaking down our barriers. Once we understand the causes of our hurdles, then we can also find the means for jumping over them.

The purpose of online coaching is to help you discover the source of your impediments. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can work with a psychotherapist who will help to shed light on the dark or confused areas of your mind and heart.

An online coach can guide you to understand that you do have the power and ability to make changes in your life for the better! Your therapist will help you to identify thought and behavior patterns that are keeping you from feeling and being your best. Whatever is keeping you back or holding you down does not have to get the final say. Instead, you can work with the therapist to find a new depth of understanding of yourself, and together you can translate that into effect strategies for change. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, isolation, self-dislike, and futility can be transformed. Through your relationship with your online coach, you can find new levels of peace, content, happiness, friendship, self-esteem, and meaning.

If these words ring true for you, then it may be time for you to stop trying to knock down imaginary exterior walls, and instead focus on tearing down the barriers that are inside you.