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Dating Site addiction counselling

In the fast paced age of the internet everything is expected to come quickly, and no one has time to take things slowly. Out of this need for speed, and a lack of free time, dating sites were born.

Millions of people lead such busy lives that finding that special someone to spend their lives with seems impossible until they find online dating sites. All of the sudden you are receiving 5, 10, 15 messages from potential love interests a day, and you’re hooked. You go from a person with a limited personal life to someone with a lot of dating prospects from zero to hero. It’s no wonder some people become addicted to the process, because, it makes you feel good!

Dating Site Addiction Characteristics

It is the norm for people to spend a lot of time on the computer, so it’s only natural that our personal lives trickle into that realm as well. It only becomes a problem when the need to check the dating site becomes such a strong pull that it interferes with the rest of your life.

If you’re finding the pull of dating sites too strong, it may be time to consider seeking out professional help.

Dating Site Addicts:

  • Check the dating sites the minute they get home, on their phone; all the time
  • Engineer their lives so that they can always access their sites so they don’t miss anything
  • Keep pushing back bed time due to chatting on the dating sites
  • Experience negative emotions when no contact comes through, even for a short time
  • Decrease socialisation with friends to spend more time dating
  • Constantly look for past dates online
  • Take it personally when people don’t respond
  • Become withdrawn & distant

Treatment Options for Dating Site Addiction

When seeking help for any addiction it is important to find support networks that match your needs. There are many options which can work in conjunction with or separate from one another.  Some people find the support of like minded people and joint mutual aid groups such as Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous helpful. Others require a respite from their daily lives and opt for time in an inpatient rehabilitation centre where they can focus on themselves.

Mutual aid groups and rehabilitation centres can work well independently or in conjunction with independent and/or group counselling. Counselling can help you examine your current and past relationship patterns and how they impact your dating site addiction. It can provide the supportive environment needed to begin recovery.

How can Dating Site Addiction Counselling or Psychotherapy Help?

Through engagement with a counsellor / psychotherapist sufferers find a safe confidential environment in which to explore the thoughts, feelings, habits, and triggers surrounding their addiction. Can you imagine trying to tell your friends or family that you have a problem with dating sites? they would probably tell you to ‘get a grip’ or ‘pull yourself together’ whereas a therapist would understand the severity and the personal devastation this can cause, and provide a non judgemental, safe environment to share.

A dating site addiction counsellor will help you to:

  • Identify the roots of your struggle and how they relate to your addiction
  • Identify your triggers and new coping strategies to use when presented with them
  • Manage your relationships with others and find new ways to meet people
  • Help you to live a healthier and happier life