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Family Counselling

We all have a family’s and they are all different. Some consist of a mum, a dad, and children.  Others have  2 mums or 2 dads. Some have stepparents, step children and/or half siblings. Others still have children raised by their grandparents, aunts and/or uncles. Some have foster parents and foster siblings. No matter what your family looks like, there will be both good times and bad.

Families can be many things to different people. Many of us find support, comfort and safety when with our families. For some however, a family is a group of people that causes stress, disappointment, and pain. Even the most secure and happy family can, at times, experience turmoil, stress and pain. When the strain gets to be too much, the support and safety found in family counselling can do wonders to restore balance.

Reasons to Seek Family Counselling

Sometimes all it takes to restore a sense of balance and security is a trained, impartial third party to help mediate tense situations. This third party can come from many places, including a supportive and objective counsellor or psychotherapist. The first step in restoring peace and balance to your family is to admit that there is a problem.

There are many struggles that bring families to a counsellor or psychotherapist. Sometimes the added stress of debt can boil over into the family dynamic. Strong emotions are brought up when parents separate, divorce or get remarried and this can be hugely affecting of the children. The large shift that occurs in the family dynamic can take time, and sometimes a little help, to adjust to.

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, even for those who are ready and eager for it. For those who experience an unwanted pregnancy, the stress surrounding the many decisions to be made can cause a lot of tension in the family. Sometimes an individual member of the family has personal struggles which affect the family as a whole. Whatever your reason, if you find your family struggling to get a long it may be time to seek professional help.

Family counselling Support Options

When we find ourselves struggling, our families can be a great source of support for some or for others they can make our problems even worse. When it is our family that is struggling, part of our own support system needs to be compensated for.

Individuals in a family can find support from friends, religion or even support groups. At times a counsellor or specialist in family support may be able to act as a mediator in order to help your family resolve the struggles that they are facing. Another treatment option is to attend a family’s retreat where the focus is for each family involved to address the issues that they are struggling with.

In addition to independent forms of support and treatment, Family counselling/psychotherapy can be a great resource to help identify the specific areas of difficulty that they struggle with and help each member learn how to address those areas.

How can Family Counselling or Psychotherapy Help?

Counselling or psychotherapy can help your family in many ways. One of the main focuses of your family’s counselling sessions will be on improving the communication between family members as breakdowns in communication are often near the root of any relationship problem.

Part of the counselling goal will be to help identify specific problems within the family. Through counselling, hostilities and alliances within the family can be unearthed. You may, as a group, discuss both successful and unsuccessful attempts to deal with past problems. Through analysing what worked in the past, the counsellor will help you to identify what might help now. It will be important to learn how the problem is perceived by each member of the family before developing a solution.

Through counselling or psychotherapy, you can learn to listen to each other and see each other as an individual, everyone can feel they are valid and be heard without interruption, each person can feel important and that their opinion is worthwhile, this is something that often just gets overlooked and causes huge issues in families, whatever the problem is, there is help.