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Online Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy has been around for a long time helping people to deal with lifes problems, getting support, finding ways of grieving, addressing childhood issues the list is endless and this service can be used for any of these things.

People find it easier to talk to someone completely objective and who is not caught up in or invested in them financially (work) or emotionally (relationships). They are able to listen without judgement or criticism, without offering their opinion or telling you what you need to do, offer kindness and understanding as to why you feel how you feel, and help you change your life.

We offer Counselling and Psychotherapy as an online service or face to face. Since the dawn of the internet era, demands for everything, information, shopping, dating, food have become instantly satisfiable with just being able to search, order chat whatever the need is, its fillable with the internet. We make use of Skype, messenger, email or other group chat facilities in order to offer a face to face service without leaving your home/office/place work, it works well as there are fewer complications, appointments are still necessary but it avoids travel time and costs.

We can also offer a service via telephone if you prefer, but we prefer video as facial expression, body language are all part of the process and an important part of identifying what you are going through.

Online Counselling

This offers you the same level of support that you would get with face to face counselling but with reduced costs, further anonymity (should you take up the telephone option) or messenger option and convenience – you don’t need to leave home or take time from the office. This could also be useful if you are disabled or struggle to travel or even get out of the house due to mental illness.

Online Psychotherapy

Online Psychotherapy can be helpful for people who work on a busy schedule and want to have regular long term or even short term psychotherapy. The therapist can help you process and understand your patterns over video, telephone or chat and you will still get the same service you would with a face to face appointment.

Issues with Online Therapy

You should still expect the same level of service, confidentiality, and that your seeing a qualified therapist when accessing an online service, the therapist should be having supervision and work under their respective ethical boundaries. We work under UKCP ethical guidelines and practice Transactional Analysis as a model of psychotherapy.