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What is Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a tool that can be used for people to change their lives, through investigation and enquiry. With a good therapist, you can get a better understanding of your childhood and life experience and how it affects the here and now.

The process can you give you better methods of coping with your own thinking and feelings, and an understanding of where they originate from, spending time and sharing with a trained therapist who can help direct you is often an eye opening experience.

Therapy can be long term, years, or short term, however long you need it to be to get a further understanding of yourself. Often we’re asked ‘How long is therapy’ and there really is no set answer to this question, we can review it 6-8 weekly to make sure were moving in a direction that suits you and your getting what you need out of it. Each session will last around 55 mins and can be done online via Skype or other methods, or face to face.

You can come to therapy for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual abuse
  • Loss / Bereavement / Grief
  • Understanding your sexuality
  • Childhood trauma

Who can come to Psychotherapy

Anyone can come to psychotherapy, adults, children, couples, adolescents or even families if your having a dispute. There is no real set routine or regiment because each person is treated as an individual and assessed by their own needs, this is something you will explore with your psychotherapist through enquiry and communication.

What different types of Psychotherapy are there

There are many types of therapy, we practice Transactional Analysis and operate under the UKCP guidelines. We also undergo regular supervision as per the ethical boundaries of the UKCP. Any good psychotherapist will undergo regular supervision and endear to a set of guidelines and be happy to discuss that with you, however, therapy is not a magical cure, and therapists are not magicians they can help you find and discover a better way of life, feeling and thinking, if your willing to look inside yourself for the answers.

TA is a psychodynamic type of therapy and therapist will encourage you to speak about whatever is on your mind at any given time to help you understand yourself and where the thoughts/feelings originate from.

Is psychotherapy condfidential?

Therapy is confidential and your own personal safety and confidentiality will be treated with the utmost importance, you can share things that maybe embarrassing without fear of judgement or criticism and whats most important is that your allowed to be you regardless of what you have done. Your actions do not define you…