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Sex Addiction Counselling

Sex addiction is not just about sex. It involves any out of control sexual activity. Sex addiction can include masturbation, watching pornography, using chat lines, visiting prostitutes, sex with your partner or sex with other partners. Sex addiction can be compared to substance abuse because the addict becomes hooked on the powerful chemicals that are released during sex.

It is common for sex addiction to have roots in traumas that occurred during childhood or adolescence, though a childhood trauma is not necessary. Another common link is depression or feelings of neglect. While the exact number of individuals suffering from a Sex Addiction is unknown, it is clear that many people, both male and female, live with this struggle, particularly as it can be so subtle.

Seeking the help of a sex addiction counsellor can help sufferers understand the root of the struggles in order to live healthier and happier lives.

Sex Addiction Characteristics

If you are here because you think you might be suffering from a sex addiction; congratulations, you have just taken the most difficult step. Know that you are not alone, and there are people who can support you in your recovery.

The following characteristics will help you to determine if you may need to seek help for sex addiction.

  • You have unhealthy boundaries and may become sexually involved with people that you don’t know
  • You are afraid of feeling lonely or abandoned so you withdraw and isolate from everyone
  • You confuse feelings of love with physical/sexual attraction, needing someone, or needing to be rescued
  • You compulsively look for relationships and can have multiple emotional or sexual liaisons at the same time
  • You feel incomplete when alone so you are constantly looking for partners
  • You substitute nurturing, caring, and support with sex
  • You use sex for manipulation and control
  • You attach yourself to people who are emotionally unavailable in order to avoid taking care of your own needs
  • Instead of feeling vulnerable you will avoid intimacy of all kinds
  • You believe that other people are the answer to all your problems and then blame them when they are not

Support Options for Sex Addicts

A good support system can help in your efforts to recover from any struggle that you encounter. Sex addiction is no exception.

Sex addicts can enter rehabilitation centres for treatment where they will be able to participate in both group therapy as well as individual therapy. They also can partipate in either Sexaholics Ananymous or Sex Addicts Anonymous, both of which are mutual aid programmes similar, but not related to, AA. Religious faith can be a great aid for some as well.

How Can Sex Addiction Counselling or Psychotherapy Help?

The focus of sex addiction counselling or psychotherapy is to understand what the addicts are using sex to anaesthetise themselves from and then identify healthier coping skills to address those struggles. Counselling sessions will provide a safe and confidential place for the sex addict to discuss what they use sex to cope with and their feelings and thoughts about life in general as well as surrounding sex.

Because sex is an important part of a healthy relationship, it is difficult to eliminate it all together. Instead the goals of counselling will be to:

  • Help you reduce sexual activities that are out of your control
  • Develop coping strategies
  • Learn to understand why you struggle with sex
  • Improve your quality of life.