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Sex Counselling

Sex is an important part of a relationship that can put significant strain on the relationship when issues arise. Sexual issues and relationship problems have a cyclical relationship. Relationship struggles breed sexual issues and sexual issues are a sign of deeper relationship troubles.

We all have different ways that we measure love, trust and commitment in a relationship. For some, love is equal to the frequency with which they have sex. For others, love is linked to the intimacy experienced in the relationship. The key to solving sexual issues in a relationship is to identify if the problem is that the sex is unsatisfactory or that there are deeper issues that need to be addressed.

Five Signs of Sexual Issues in a Relationship

I know that it is difficult to talk about, but we can’t fix a problem that we don’t know is there.  So if you want to fix your problems in the bedroom, you have to be prepared to talk about your sex life, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There are five signs that there are sexual issues in a relationship.  The first is, one or both partners have decided not to have sex anymore. It is also a problem if one or both partners experience pain or difficulties during sex. A third clear sign is if the couple is fighting about sex. Any time there is a fighting it is clear that there is a problem. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, so if either partner feels disappointed with their sex life then there may be some sexual issues to discuss.  Sign number five that there might have sexual issues is that sex is no longer up for discussion.

How can Sex Counselling or Psychotherapy help?

Counselling or psychotherapy can play the crucial role of providing the couple with a safe place to discuss their sexual issues where they will not be judged and where there is a third, neutral, party to act as a mediator if necessary. The counsellor is there to provide each partner with guidance as repairs are made to their relationship with each other and hopefully also with sex.

The specific help that can be provided will vary to some degree based upon the root cause of the sexual problems. That said, some over arching benefits can be had by all. Counselling will help the couple to identify the root cause of their sexual problems. With the cause identified they will be able to discuss it in more detail and work toward identifying a solution that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

If sexual issues stem from a lack of trust on the part of one partner or the other then that trust issue can be addressed through counselling or psychotherapy. Trust building exercises can be done, and communication can begin to bridge the gap that has opened between the partners.

If the sexual issues stem from a dysfunctional sexual relationship then psychotherapy will be a great help. Whatever the problem, we understand its a great big step speaking to another person about this, and even reading this far is a great achievement, if you would like a warm, caring environment to discuss your situation, please get in touch.